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The hosts

It all started in the cult pub Aalhaus in Hamburg. For more than 10 years, Tom Zimmermann and Darren Grundorf have been organizing and moderating the international Aalhaus pub quiz together with great success and have already managed over 100 quiz events here alone, every time the place is bursting at the seams.


This quiz duo shows what you can do with an event in quiz form - it can go way beyond a pub quiz, even if that's where the two have their roots.

The quiz is now used by schools, universities, scientific institutions and organizations, sports clubs, foundations, cultural institutions such as museums and large and small companies. Always alternating between entertainment and knowledge transfer.

Tom and Darren and The Mouse in front of the Futurium Berlin
Tom Zimmermann

Tom Zimmermann comes from Essen. In 2009 he moved to Hamburg, where he took part in a quiz covering everything from “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”, 1990s Ruhr area football and “Yo! MTV Raps” is responsible. With his heart on his sleeve, he chats his way directly and charmingly into the hearts of the quizzers.

Darren Grundorf

Darren Grundorf was born in 1981 in Herford, Westphalia. The dream son-in-law among German moderators could easily take over the ZDF television garden if he wanted to. As an expert in contemporary literature, foreign policy and women's tennis of the 1980s, he always leads the evening with a smile. 

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